Workhouse Officials

Situation Vacant

The Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce and Manufacture, Volume four, 1794 listed Henry Woodridge as the master of Whitchurch Poor House

It would appear that the new House of Industry required new staff and the following advert was placed

In 1809 an advert was placed for a new Governor and Matron

The next advert located for a Governor and Matron was dated October 1833

Two years later an advert reveals a vacancy for a surgeon at Whitchurch House of Industry. The successful candidate would also be responsible and for the Poor living within a 7 mile radius of the Town Hall.


Records of the Whitchurch Savings Bank reveal two investors that had connections with The Workhouse

In 1837 Thomas Davies opened an account at the bank. His occupation was given as Governor of the House of Industry. The account was closed five years later.

Earlier, in 1820, a Jane Williams had deposited money. She was described as the daughter of Mrs Williams, House of Industry. The account was closed in 1829


 Excerpt relating to Whitchurch in Shaw’s 1850 Union Officers handbook

1850headingsl1850 whitchurch officersl


Excerpt relating to Whitchurch from Shaw’s 1865 Union Officers handbook

shaw's 1865


1861 Workhouse Chaplains1861 workhouse chaplains