Whitchurch is a market town in North Shropshire with a hinterland that includes N.E.Wales and Cheshire.

This website contains information relating to the treatment and housing of the poor of the area from the 17th century through to the beginning of the 20th.

To set the scene a number of descriptions of the town made by visitors during this period can be found below.

” I passed over a little brook a mile before I came to Whitchurch which entered me into Shropshire. This is a large market town, here are two very fine gardens, one belongs to an apothecary, full of all fruits and greens; ye other was at ye Crown Inn where I stayed, it was exceeding neat with orange and lemon trees, myrtle, striped and gilded holly trees, box and phillyrea finely cut, and  firs and marum syriacum which makes the fine snuff, and fine flowers all things almost in a little tract of garden ground “

Celia Fiennes 1698


1794 directory

Whitchurch circa 1792